Concrete foundation slabs, whilst common, aren’t the only type of foundation that’s out there. You may have a home built on a raised pier and beam foundation. This type of foundation faces a different range of challenges than the more common concrete ones. This can include problems caused by the outdoor elements, such as rotting and mold growth. Our expertise includes the ability to repair most types of foundations, including pier and beam foundations. This way, you can always take advantage of the best foundation repair team around, no matter the type of foundation that your home is built on.

Pier and Beam Foundation

Not all homes in Texas are built on a concrete foundation. It’s not uncommon to see a raised foundation known as a pier and beam foundation, or a crawl space foundation. This type of foundation is better suited to many of the environmental conditions in Texas. As a result, we provide a specialised repair service for this particular type of foundation, and the similar block and base foundation. There’s many different problems and threats that this type of foundation can face, but our repair service is here to help you face them. Our specialised service means that we always know the best way to tackle the problem you have.

Unique Problems

The reason that we provide a specialised repair service for pier and beam foundations is the fact that they experience a number of unique problems when compared with other types of foundations. The first, and one that you probably need to worry about the most, is rotting. This is because of the material composition of this type of foundation. The outdoor setting can often cause rotting to occur, which can spread quickly and cause you major headaches. Another common issue that can occur is mold growth. Either way, we are versed in handling such problems with this type of foundation.

Settling Problems

Much like other kinds of foundations, pier and beam foundations can also experience settling problems. With this type of foundation though, it’s slightly different, as individual piers can sink into the ground at different levels and rates. The sign that you might have this problem is an uneven floor. There’s no need to worry, though. We are experienced at fixing such settling problems and can help you to prevent further damage being caused by this issue.

Preventative Maintenance

Along with effective repair services, we can also provide preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations and drainage repair. The composition of pier and beam foundation means that it’s often better to have preventative maintenance done rather than simply wait for a problem to occur. Problems like rotting and mold growth can be prevented with the right care, so you don’t have to deal with the many issues that these problems can cause. So, stay on top of foundation problems and ensure that your foundation, and home by extension, are well looked after. You can be proactive and prevent major problems before they occur.