The primary material of most foundations is concrete. This is partly due to the incredible toughness, strength and durability of concrete. That doesn’t preclude it from problems or damage, unfortunately, and there’s still a few problems and damage that you need to be on the lookout for, even if you have a concrete foundation. If you happen to notice any damage, or have any concerns, we specialise in concrete repair part of the range of foundation repair services that we provide. We can make sure that the concrete of your foundation remains in top shape and that you can be sure of the continued durability of your foundation.

Concrete Repair

Concrete’s certainly tough, but that doesn’t mean it will never become damaged. There’s a few ways in which the concrete of your foundation can become damaged. Concrete, especially foundation concrete, can be prone to problems like settling and even experience cracks, due to several different factors. Repairing a concrete crack is easy when you leave it in our capable hands. We are experts in repairing your foundation concrete and making sure that any damage or problems that have occurred don’t result in anything more serious, including any damage to your home. So, look after the concrete of your foundation with our services.

Foundation Crack

Discovering a foundation crack can often cause people to panic. A crack in your foundation can be a sign of a few different things, including settling problems starting to occur. Our service can get the bottom of why your foundation is cracked and get to work fixing it, or the route cause of the problem. Although cracks might not seem all that serious, it’s important to pay attention to them, and get them repaired if they are of any significance, to ensure that further damage doesn’t occur to the concrete of your foundation.

Flow on Effects

When it comes to a crack in your concrete foundation, it’s important to consider the flow on effects of it. Although cracks by themselves aren’t necessarily major damage, and might not seem like something that you need to worry about, they can be a problem. This is primarily because they can allow water to penetrate the concrete surface, which is already porous. This can cause damage as the water freezes and thaw with the change of weather, expanding and retracting. This can cause many serious issues for your foundation, and is why any cracks of significance should be dealt with.

Settling Problems

Concrete is also prone to experiencing settling problems and your concrete foundation is no exception to this. Settling can be caused by a few different factors, most notably water washing away the soil underneath your foundation, which causes it to sink. The damage settling problems can cause is what you really need to focus on though, and that’s why getting such a problem corrected is of the utmost importance. As part of the foundation repair services, we offer we can help to correct any settling problems with your foundation.