There’s many different elements that can cause damage to your foundation, and no more so than water. Although this often surprises many people, water has the ability to cause serious damage to your foundation. Only if you let it, though. If your drainage system correctly draws water away from your home, then it’s unlikely that you’ll have any problem. For this reason, problems with the drainage system around your home are something that you need to take seriously. We offer the range of drainage solutions that you need to avoid any major issues with water in relation to your foundation.

Drainage Repair

The connection between your drains and foundation is one that’s crucial, although it’s not apparent to many people. Water is one element that can cause a serious damage to your foundation, in a number of different ways. This is why correct drainage around your home is so important. If water is allowed to stagnate around your home, it can find its way into your foundation and cause trouble. This is why we are the foundation repair contractor company that offers a drainage repair service. We are the foundation repair specialists that also specialise in drainage repair and can keep the drains around your home flowing.

Water Damage

Probably the most important reason why correct drainage is so important for your foundation is that it prevents water damage. Concrete is porous, so water can get into the material, especially if there’s any cracks or similar damage. This is a problem because as the water freezes and thaws as the weather changes it can cause the concrete to expand. This is in turn and result in cracks and other major, and more serious, damage occurring. Working drains can prevent water damage from occurring, and the real headaches that often come with it.

Settling Problems

One more issue that water can cause if it’s properly drawn away from your home and foundation is settling problems. What’s the connection exactly? Well, if water is allowed to soak into the soil underneath your foundation it can wash away the soil and cause your foundation to sink. The other problem is, as the soil dries out, it can cause a contraction, and, again, potentially cause settling problems to occur. So, keeping water away from the base of your home can help to prevent settling problems from occurring.


Maintaining and properly look after your drainage systems when necessary can be a great way to prevent any damage to your foundation that could have otherwise been easily avoided. So if you notice that you have any such problem with your drains, it can pay off in the long run to have it properly dealt with. This way, you can prevent any major issues from occurring and there’s one less threat to your foundation that you need to be worried about. Prevention is, of course, always the better step to take, especially when you consider the damage that foundation problems can cause.