Most homes are built on what is known as a concrete foundation slab. These have become relatively commonplace due to the high number of benefits that they provide. That doesn’t mean they are without their problems. This particular type of foundation can experience a few different problems due to a number of factors, including the surrounding environment. That’s not something that you need to be worried about anymore. Our slab repair services are comprehensive, and we are experts in dealing with the range of problems that your foundation slab can be faced with. So, you can tackle any foundation problems that you have head on.

Slab Repair

The most common foundation type is the concrete foundation slab, and we are fully versed in providing all that you need to repair and maintain it. There’s a few different forms of damage that can occur to this type of foundation, which can be caused by a variety of different factors. This might sound scary, but it’s really not. All you need to remember this that whatever problem you have, we have the solution. We can repair all common damage and problems that can occur with your foundation slab, including any settling problems.

House Leveling

House leveling, or slab leveling, is one technique that can be employed to deal with settling problems and prevent further damage from occurring to your home. Make no mistake, if settling problems aren’t corrected over time it’s highly likely your home will experience serious damage. House leveling is the process of settlement repair, which involves raising the foundation back to the level it was at at the time of construction, or at least as close as possible. So, we can take care of “leveling my house” for you.

Structural Damage Repair

Foundations problems can cause structural damage to your home over time. In some cases, you might be lucky and manage to correct the foundation problem that you have and prevent this kind of damage to your home. Sometimes, you might not be so lucky. But that doesn’t mean that you need to panic. We provide structural damage repair and pier beam as part of the foundation repair services that we offer. This means we can also help you to effectively deal with and repair any structural damage that occurs to your home as a result of any foundation problems. So, there’s never any need to worry.

Cost of Fixing Foundation

The major concern that many people have when it’s discovered they have a foundation problem is the cost of getting it fixed. When it comes to the cost of fixing foundation problems, there’s a few things that you need to bear in mind. Not dealing with problem will only make it worse and more expensive to repair in the future. So, there’s the long term impact you need to consider. Beside that, we ensure that we make foundation repair as affordable as possible, you don’t need to worry about an expensive bill when all you are trying to do is look after your home.